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What is the best way of cleaning windows without streaking?

What is the best way of cleaning windows without streaking?

It is better to maintain crystal clear windows in your home or office space. Not only does it look good, but windows cleaning also stops the buildup of dust and dirt on your windows and allows for more daylight to enter. If you want flawless windows with a streak-free polish, then you’re going to need some equipment. Here’s the best way to clean the windows without any rush.

Get equipped with top quality kit

While cleaning windows, you must have a few things to make your life easier and get the quality clean you’re looking for. These can easily be found at any store and home cleaning center and everywhere online. Here’s what you’ll need:

  • A good quality sponge (10-12 inches is suitable for most windows, but get a smaller size if you need)
  • A fabric scrubber
  • A bucket
  • Dishwashing liquid
  • Lint-free rags or microfiber stuff
  • A stepladder

What if you don’t get a streak-free finish?

When you struggle to leave your windows sparkling, then consider hiring professional windows cleaning services to take care of everything for you! The experts have all the gear and knowledge required to get every single window squeaky clean and streak-free, without you needing to lift a finger or get wrinkled fingers!

If you simply don’t have the time or want to learn from the best in the industry, then pressure washing services and Steam will have your windows restored to perfect condition. We can save your time and money by using the latest commercial equipment and cleaning processes with products that comply with environmental regulations.

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