How To Clean Windows With Home Pressure Washing?

How To Clean Windows With Home Pressure Washing?

Over the years, exterior surfaces like walls, windows, roofs, or ceilings get covered in algae, moss, oil stains, or general dirt. All these things lead to a dull appearance and can be dangerous. We specialize in roof cleaning, window cleaning, pavers seal, and concrete polishing at Challenger Window and pressure cleaning. And also, we will provide you with painting and marble polish for commercial and domestic properties.

Commercial garages can get dirty easily because of the rush. Detailed cleaning of these areas with high home pressure washing is needed occasionally to maintain the zone. At Challenger Window and Pressure Cleaning, we have high-powered washers that use water to drive dirt off the surfaces of the spongiest surfaces. Our professional teams have the experience to do all the hard and bring back any property to top condition. We will be properly equipped to conduct the services of removing stains, debris, and wastes.

Having a window washer is fast, and the stick/wand allows you to reach the second-story windows without climbing to the rooftop. Counterbalancing the advantages is the danger of cracking the glass or loosening window putty because of the high-pressure water. If pressure washing is for you, use low pressure, be safe and use a wide spray pattern.

Professionals Does This

Contractors specializing in pressure washing siding include the window hand-cleaning as part of their services. The best way to clean the window is using a foam applicator to apply the soapy water and squeegee to wipe up the excess water; make sure to take care of the streaks with a microfiber cloth.

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